Shabbat 4/13/2019

Shabbat Shalom!

Wow, Tuesday it was 80 degrees and on Wednesday I had 3-4 inches of snow on my deck! Welcome to Colorado! We do love the Spring here, but I do sense people are getting tired of winter hanging on and are ready for some warm temperatures. The Father has been speaking to me recently about honor and respect, and more specifically, the “coarseness” of our culture and it’s deterioration over the last several decades. How do we change the atmosphere in the culture? It has to start in the body of Messiah first! This Shabbat, April 13th, I want to share my heart about RESTORING A CULTURE OF HONOR AND RESPECTand how it needs to start with us. The presence of the Ruach (Spirit) has been powerful lately in our services (not that it isn’t always!), and God has been doing some wonderful things, so come on out and join us! THERE WILL BE A POT-LUCK ONEG FOLLOWING THE SERVICE.
Passover is just around the corner, Friday April 19th at 6pm! There are a few tickets left (not many), so go on the website and get them now at: and press on the events page and make your purchase. As we have been saying, this will be an awesome and fun celebration, as we share the “Haggadah” (the story), enjoy the elements of the Seder, sing Dayenu, and eat a fabulous catered meal! There will be dancing and worship and some great fellowship, and you don’t want to miss it. WE WILL NOT BE HAVING OUR MORNING SHABBAT SERVICE ON APRIL 20TH! PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION BECAUSE WE DON'T WANT FOLKS SHOWING UP ON THE MOUNTAIN, WE WON’T BE THERE!
This is an exciting season, and the Kingdom of God is advancing greatly in these days. Part of the reason I know this is because so many of you are experiencing tough battles and attacks, which coincide with imminent breakthrough. Also, the Scriptures tell us about these days and that we should not fear but walk in His shalom! Be encouraged and stay grounded in Him!Pray for Millie and the team that she is with right now in Israel, They are now in the Negev desert and are connecting with Jewish and Arab Believers in the land!Shalom and Blessings!Stewart and Millie

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Fountain of Tears Sculpture by Rick Winecke in Arad