Shabbat 7/14/2018

Shabbat Shalom!

Hope everyone is staying cool during this string of 90 degree+ temperatures! We have been looking into the book of Romans since last Fall and are coming close to the end. For me, it has been a tremendous time of revelation from the whole of God’s word as I have prepared every week and studied some difficult passages of scripture that are hard to explain let alone live by.  I heard something the other day that struck me: "revelation without application will lead to frustration; revelation with application will always lead to expectation.” Are our lives filled with expectation, hope, joy? Has the Lord spoken to you something that you have not applied to your life, relationships, job? Have you read something in the word that you know you need to obey, and haven’t? All of us can probably answer yes to some of these questions, but we are serving the God of all patience and encouragement who never condemns and always empowers us to walk in His truth! Don’t give up, trust Him in whatever situation you find yourself in today!

This Shabbat, July 14th@10:30am, we will be hosting Dr. Dan and Patti Juster of Tikkun to Or Chaim Congregation. Dan is the Founder and Director of the network, Tikkun, we are partnering with, dedicated to the restoration of Israel and the church. He has been a foundational and visionary leader of the modern Messianic movement since the early 70’s. He has authored such classics as Due Process, Jewish Roots, Relational Leadership, Passion For Israel, and many more! He, and his wife Patti reside in Jerusalem most of the year where they speak, write, and encourage the believers in the land and travel extensively around the world prophetically declaring what God is doing in Israel and in the church.

We encourage you to come to our service and invite your friends to hear of exciting things that are happening at this time! WE WILL BE HAVING A POTLUCK ONEG FOLLOWING THE SERVICE, SO BRING SOME FOOD TO SHARE AND STAY FOR THE FELLOWSHIP!

We do have a mid-week home group entitled Walking In Victory every Wednesday night@7pm at the McDowell’s home; 50 S. Chase St. in Lakewood. It is a great time to study the scriptures with others and discuss and encourage one another in applying God’s word in our lives! We end promptly at 8:30. We also have a Torah Midrash@9am on Shabbat where the Torah portion of the week is read and discussed and all are welcome.

Also, we will be having a special service with Paul Wilbur on Shabbat, July 28th! He will be with us during the morning service, as well as a special concert that evening. You might want to come early to this services as they will fill up quickly!

We look forward to seeing you this Shabbat!

Blessings and Shabbat Shalom,

Stewart and Millie

166 S Lookout Mtn. Rd

Golden CO 80401