Shabbat 1/20/2018



As many of you know, Millie and I lived in Israel for many years. We have an incredible love for the people, are committed to supporting ministries reaching Israelis with the good news of Yeshua, and know that God has covenantal purposes for her that are connected to worldwide redemption. As a congregation, Or Chaim not only supports financially several ministries in the land, but also bring teams to Israel every year to participate in reaching out to the people in practical ways. Whenever possible, we invite Israeli Believers to share what God is doing in the land. This Shabbat, January 20th at 10:30am George and Baht Rivka Whitten from the Southern Israeli City of Arad will be with us at Or Chaim! Rivka is an anointed worship leader and songwriter whose music has blessed many, not only in the land but all over the world. her husband George, will bring a unique perspective concerning Middle East news. They oversee Worthy News, and minister full time to spiritually hungry people in the region, and as a global outreach minister to more than 120 countries on a daily basis! Come join us this Shabbat, and invite others who want to hear of the amazing things God is doing!


Shabbat is a wonderful day on the “Mountain” not only in our services, but starting at 9am with Torah Midrash, where the weekly portion of the Torah is read and discussed and all are welcome to participate.

Next Shabbat, January 27th, we will have an important Community Core meeting following the service for those who consider Or Chaim as their community or spiritual home. This will be an annual meeting, where we will share the vision and mission of our congregation, and also discuss the values of our community. We will update you on the financial status of Or Chaim, and give opportunity to ask questions of leadership and bring suggestions that would bless the Mishpacha. All who call Or Chaim their Community are welcome to attend following our Oneg at approximately 1:45pm.

Millie and I will be leading a Bless Israel tour/outreach to the land between February 12th-26th with about 18 folks from 4 different congregations. Please pray for our team as we prepare for this awesome, life changing trip. As we did last year, we will bless Holocaust survivors, meet Israelis involved in cutting edge ministries, and of course, see and experience the land! What a time to visit Israel, as they celebrate their 70th birthday in just a few months!

We look so forward to seeing all of you this Shabbat! Remember, gathering together is not so much about what we can get from God its about us blessing God and entering into a REST WITH HIM! And as we bless God and honor the Shabbat, guess what? We, in turn, get tremendously blessed! See you then!

Blessings and Shabbat Shalom!

Stewart and Millie