Join us for mid-week Bible study and fellowship! 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.


Understanding the Person and Ministry of   The Ruach Ha Kodesh


This class, taught by Paul Myrant, will examine who is the Holy Spirit, and how to hear His voice and operate in His gifts. The Ruach is the primary means by which we interact with the Godhead. He points us to Yeshua, fills us with His character, and anoints us with His power to minister to the body of Messiah. We will cover the Ruach’s gifts in detail, both the permanent and in the moment gifts. We will learn how to pray and prophesy. (Highlands Ranch)

  A New Creation! Walking in Victory and Favor every day


Pastor Stew will be teaching this study on what the Bible says about who we are, and how we can choose to walk in greater confidence based on the finished work of Yeshua’s sacrifice on the Cross. We will study how the flesh develops, and more importantly how we can be set free from it and the power of sin that wars against us. We will set out on a journey of renewing our minds, based on Truth and God’s word, so that we will be able to live as overcomers in this world! (Lakewood)