5/26/19 Passing The Torch

Sunday June 9th to Monday June 10 we will have a prayer gathering called PASSING THE TORCH where we at OCC will be joining with Gateway On Mt. Zion to pray for one another “ONE ACCORD” for our congregations and the efforts of unity in the city by releasing prayers, declarations and blessings to one another while passing the torch! This will be a 24 hour time of prayer, starting at 8:30 pm Sunday night, and going till 8:30pm on Monday. PLEASE SIGN UP FOR  1 HOUR SLOTS SO THAT WE CAN PASS THE TORCH FROM HOUR TO HOUR!  Press the link below and sign up for your spot. It will even place a reminder in your calendar. Thanks for your sacrifice of prayer during this special season and crucial time. 


Blessing and Shabbat Shalom!

Stewart and Millie