Shabbat 6/30/2018

SHABBAT SHALOM!How often do you ask the question “In what ways do my actions/behaviors or practices affect others in my faith community?” Of course I am not advocating that you ask everyone’s opinion before doing anything, but I am challenging us to consider if our actions, positively or adversely, impact others in their pursuit of 'Yeshua-likeness’. This Shabbat, June 30th @10:30am, we will wrap up our look at Romans 14, and examine how we can build up one another, as opposed to tearing each other up in these absolutely polarized and explosive days! These last chapters in this amazing book really speak to ‘where the rubber hits the road’ in our relationships in our faith communities, as well as living in a dark and hostile world. THERE WILL BE NO ONEG FOLLOWING THE MORNING SERVICE, AS WE WILL HAVING OUR HAVDALAH FELLOWSHIP IN THE EVENING!

Everyone is invited to Russ and Siri Crider’s home at 5:30pm on Saturday, June 30th, for a wonderful evening of fellowship, food, and worship as we close out the Shabbat! They will be providing the burgers and chicken as well as drinks, so bring a salad or dessert to complete this awesome meal! Their address is: 22493 E. Maplewood Ln., Aurora 80015.Please let Russ and Siri know if you are coming by calling (303)693-9762(land); or, (303)859-1250 (Russ), or Siri at (720)469-0234. With all these phone numbers, there is no excuse not to be there! These are special evenings with great fellowship, laughter and deeper relationships being formed. If you are new to Or Chaim, or have never been to one of our Havdalah, we encourage you to come on out, meet the folks, and begin a new week in a fabulous way!

As a reminder, this Sunday is the first Sunday of the month, and we have an opportunity to join with others in the metro area to pray for God’s outpouring in our city as part of the 1CHURCH INITIATIVE! We have hour slots, beginning at 6pm Sunday July 1st, to saturate this area with kingdom prayer, ending at 6pm on Monday. In spite of all the “craziness” we are seeing wonderful things happen in our area as churches and congregations join together to impact our city, state, and nation!

See you on Shabbat!
Blessings and Shabbat Shalom!
Stewart and Millie