Shabbat 7/22/2017

Shabbat Shalom!

The other day Millie & I were at a dinner meeting with other pastors and leaders discussing particular prayer movements throughout history. Most of these movements began with a desire, in a particular location, for revival and a turning from sin. Nothing wrong with that at all, but as we talked, we also had to admit that most of them seem to fizzle out over time, as they lost  their passion and impetus. As we discussed, we realized that their was a glaring, missing piece, the connection of any of these movements with the restoration of Israel! We all want to see a “John 17” unity, and yet we never quite realize it. Our discussion prompted me to explore our Messianic Jewish movement, and what the implications are of the restoration of the Tent of David in these last days. So, I will be starting a series this Shabbat, July 22, on what a healed and vibrant Messianic movement looks like in these days. Like most of us, I have heard my share of “unity” messages, and preached enough of them myself! Let’s learn together from the model we have in the Book of Acts, and work together to see Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah, proclaimed in our streets and marketplaces, as well as in our congregations!

This Shabbat, WE WILL NOT BE HAVING ONEG, DUE TO REFURBISHING OF THE KITCHEN. We will let you know about Oneg for next week.

On July 29th, we will be welcoming Ron Cantor, Israeli Messianic leader, and a passionate man of God, to Or Chaim for our Shabbat service, at 10:30am! The Lord is doing extraordinary things in Ron’s Ministry and in Israel, so you will not want to miss this service!

Don’t forget to get your Colorado Rockies Faith Day tickets this Shabbat. The game will be Sunday, August 6th, at 1:10pm, followed by a concert featuring the Newsboys.This Shabbat is the last day to get your tickets, so don’t miss out, it will be a great day!

This coming Monday evening we will once again meet at Union Station in front of the fountain to walk the 16th Street Mall releasing the Shalom and Love of Yeshua.

Blessings and Shabbat Shalom!

Stewart and Millie