Shabbat May 20, 2017

Shabbat Shalom!

As I write this, I’m looking out my window and watching snow falling thinking “it’s late May, this isn’t supposed to be happening!”, but then I’m reminded “Its Colorado!” I am so looking forward to this Shabbat! Father has been speaking to me, and I know He is speaking to others, about how crucial it is to align my thinking with God's. The message this week is entitled “ARISE IN YOUR THINKING”, and we will explore how we can think in alignment with heaven thoughts. After the morning service, because of weather, WE WILL HAVE A POTLUCK ONEG IN THE FELLOWSHIP ROOM DOWNSTAIRS! Those who are going to Kaela Busby’s graduation/Bat Mitzvah, can leave Or Chaim by 2:15pm, and arrive at the Conifer Community Church by 3pm. It will be a great day, as we worship Adonai, rest in His presence, enjoy fellowship, and bless a wonderful young lady, Kaela Busby. Following the ceremony in Conifer, we are invited to stay for food, fellowship and fun!

Next Shabbat, May 27th, we will welcome Bill Bullock, The Rabbi’s Son ministry, who will be sharing during our morning service, and will have an afternoon session from 2:30pm-5pm. It will be an awesome day as he shares about the Biblical and present day importance of Shavuot. Of course, we will have a potluck Oneg after the morning service.

On Sunday, June 4th, we will celebrate Shavuot with the greater Denver Messianic community at Central Park, from 10am -4pm. All are invited for a great time of fellowship, music, dance and inspirational speakers! The theme for this years gathering is: The unifying power of the Spirit in bringing Jews and gentiles together in Messiah! You don’t want to miss this special event!

Don't forget, on Tuesday, May 23rd, there will be a special, one night only, showing of the docu-drama IN OUR HANDS, in a theater near you. To find a theater, go to

Many things are happening, not just in the congregation and locally that we need to be in prayer for, but Millie and I also want to encourage all of you to continue to pray for our nation and leaders, especially our President. He will be traveling to the Middle East, including Israel, this week and he needs divine protection and wisdom! As I shared last week, a spirit of violence has been unleashed from hell, bringing vitriolic hatred and accusation to a greater degree than ever before. We are called to intercede and pray for those in authority, and to call out for righteousness in justice in all areas of society, without ceasing, especially as we see the Last Days approaching!

Blessings and Shabbat Shalom to all of you!

Stewart and Millie

166 S Lookout Mountain Rd

Golden CO 80401