Purim Shabbat 3/11/2017

Chag Sameach and Shabbat Shalom!The book of Esther comes alive as we celebrate and observe the festival of Purim! Mordecai, the protective uncle and faithful watchman for his people, tells the beautiful maiden, Esther: “if you remain silent at this time, RELIEF and DELIVERANCE will arise for the Jews from another place …who knows whether you have not attained royalty FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS?” We are living in extraordinary times, where we are seeing an aligning of nations, good and evil rising proportionately as society walks farther away from God’s commands, anti-semitism raising it’s ugly head, and of course, the Jews and Israel being blamed for all the problems on planet earth! I believe God is making His plea to speak to kings and those in authority through us, His One New Man body, to walk in righteousness, boldly proclaim truth, and declare God’s purposes for Israel and the United States Of America!

Join us this Shabbat, March 11, at 10:30am, as we celebrate this 10th feast of the year, Purim, by hearing the wonderful story of Esther (Hadassah), Mordecai, Haman (hiss!!! boo!!), and the unseen, yet very real hand of God bringing deliverance to His covenant people. Yes, it’s time to dress up as these biblical characters, or if you want to expand your horizons, and add a cowboy/skier theme to the usual repertoire. We will also be looking at the prophetic significance of this story. Many of us are joining with others throughout the country in a 3 day “Esther Fast” (Est.4:16), between March 8-11, and will end the fast after the service. WE WILL BE HAVING A POTLUCK ONEG FOLLOWING THE SERVICE, SO BRING A DISH AND ENOUGH TO SHARE. An idea, for those coming coming off the fast, soups would be great! We will also be having “Hamantashen”, following the service, courtesy of Jillian Meisel!

Remember, Passover is coming up on Monday, April 10th. Tickets are on sale through our website or you can contact Lynne McDowell or Della Lort. Get them quickly because they will go fast, and space is limited! Many other things are going on at Or Chaim Congregation, check out our calendar and get involved!

Blessings and Chag Sameach!
Stewart and Millie

166 S Lookout Mountain Rd

Golden CO 80401