Church Shooting

Shalom Or Chaim Family, 

Millie and I are in Phoenix for a Messianic Leadership Roundtable this week, and have just heard of the horrific shooting at a church in Texas. This is another terrible, demonic attack that has come upon this nation in the last several weeks. I am asking that all of us hold up in prayer the tiny town of Sutherland  Springs, Tx., especially for the families of this Baptist Church. As I reminded us yesterday, a spirit of violence has been unleashed on this nation and this is a vivid example of the carnage that this spirit causes. Today is our day of prayer for the 1Church initiative, so please include this tragedy as you bring petitions before The Lord. Remember what our Heavenly Father said to us yesterday, “the victory is stronger than the darkness.” The darker things get in this world, the greater the light of Yeshua must shine!

Blessings and Shalom, 

Stewart and Millie