Sukkot at Snow Mountain Ranch

This year, the Harvest, Ascension Ministries, and Or Chaim will be celebrating Sukkot at Snow Mountain Ranch in Winter Park, CO.  We will be staying at Indian Peaks Lodge from Friday, October 21st at 3:30 until Sunday, October 23rd. 
Up to six people per room with meals included.
1 adult per room $237
2 adults per room $153 each
3 adults per room $125 each
4 adults per room $111 each
5 adults per room $103 each
6 adults per room $97 each
Children 6-12 years $42 each
Children 0-5  years Free
60 rooms are reserved for this event so sign up early!  All rooms must be paid for by September 24th.
Contact Pastor Chris Maes at the Harvest for more information. or 720-628-4465.