Shabbat, July 23

As we catch our breath after another eventful and busy week, we so look forward to our Shabbat rest! This week, we will again be looking at the biblical understanding of Blessing, as we dig deeper into B’ Resheet (Genesis), chapter 2, man in the image of God. I am absolutely in awe when I examine the order of creation and how He had a specific and beautiful plan of mutual blessing and interdependence, between man and nature, as well as between male and female. We will be taking a fresh look at two specifically named trees, and the restoration that only Yeshua can bring! Come join us this Shabbat, July 23rd at 10:30am, as we worship Adonai together, enjoy His presence, and encourage one another in fellowship as we set this day apart as the scriptures command!

This week, we will NOT be having Oneg following the service. We will be enjoying a Havdalah evening of fellowship, food, and worship as we close the Shabbat, on Saturday evening, the 23rd, at Russ and Siri Crider’s home. ALL are invited, and these evenings are wonderful, you don’t want to miss it! Their address is: 22493 E. Maplewood Lane, Aurora, 80015; and their phone is (303)693-9762. They are in the vicinity of Smoky Hill and E-470.They will be providing the meal, but you are welcome to bring appetizers, bread, salad or dessert! Don’t worry about going away hungry!

Also, coming up on Friday, August 19th, from 7pm-9pm, we will be welcoming Sally Klein-O’Connor, Messianic worship leader and songwriter, for an intimate evening of ministry as we enter into the Shabbat on the mountain! Please come and join us in worship and testimony as we hear how God has restored her life!

Healing Rooms are now open for prayer for physical, spiritual, relational, and practical needs. Inner healing and deliverance ministry is also available. The prayer team will meet with you at Gateway On MT. Zion, on Friday evenings, by appointment. To make an appointment, please call, text or email Nanci at (720)648-2248; email:

Bless Israel Outreach: Remember to turn in your applications to Millie along with your $500 deposit by July 31st.. Checks should be made out to MAGI for a tax deductible receipt.

There are many other things coming up, that we will be letting you know about. We are excited about starting up our Shabbat school in September, that Tina Moore will be leading. Please pray for the families in our congregation! Much is happening and their are many needs, many hurts, and many challenges in our midst. Prayer changes things! It may change our situation, but it will definitely change us. As the days are getting darker, let the light of Yeshua shine brighter in you!
Blessings and Shabbat Shalom! Stewart and Millie Congregation Leaders