Shabbat April 9, 2016

Shalom Mishpocha!  We are so excited to announce that our grandson Michael Lewis will have a Bar Mitzvah tomorrow during our  Shabbat service.  This will be the first one in our family having a Bar Mitzvah since Rabbi Stew had his 50 years ago!  It is a milestone event!  Michael will be wearing the Tallit and Kippah that Rabbi Stew wore during his Bar Mitzvah…a true example of passing on to the future generation.  Rabbi Stew will also be sharing an important message afterwards.  Come join us as we celebrate this memorable occasion.  WE WILL HAVE CAKE AND ONEG IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE SERVICE.


Passover SederTickets are now on sale…don’t forget to purchase yours.  You can sign up at  If you are having problems with the website please call Lynne McDowell or Millie!  Passover is a family time where we celebrate our  FREEDOM!  Join us!  We only have seating for 100.  The Passover Seder will be held on Friday Erev Pesach, April 22 at 6:00pm.  Come ready to celebrate, worship and have great fellowship together.

Shabbat Service begins at 10:30 am and is located at 166 S Lookout Mountain Rd, Golden CO 80401.