From Dutch Sheets…

Regarding the upcoming elections, prayerfully agree with me that: 

  • We vote for a person of decency and honor (integrity matters) 
  • We vote for someone that cannot be bought or sold (crony capitalism is evil) 
  •  We don’t jump from the frying pan of failed government to the fire of another chameleon who changes colors at will (the political spirit) 
  • We remember that not everyone in Washington DC has been part of the problem—be wise and discerning (God has been sending some good men and women to DC) 
  • We vote for humility (which God exalts), morality and righteousness (which exalts a nation) 
  • We choose substance and specific ideas over shallow rhetoric, fame, showbiz events and exciting promises (does anyone remember ’08?) 
  • We vote for a strict constitutionalist (it was born through prayer and based on scripture) 
  • We remember that we are also voting for the next 2-3 Supreme Court Justices, who will undoubtedly shape our nation and lives for decades! (they could possibly do more good or bad for our nation than the next president) 
  • We vote for an uncompromising, consistent, radically pro-life person (we MUST have this) 
  • By God’s grace we end up with a born-again, praying, Bible-reading, moral, humble, honest and wise person in the White House

Be very careful. Pray. Listen to your heart where Holy Spirit lives. I promise you—we’re voting for the destiny of our nation.

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