Shabbat, February 6

Shalom Mishpocha!  We hope you have had a great week and are looking forward to Shabbat!

This Shabbat we will continue our theme on the aspects of the Kingdom.  What does the one new man, the Glory of God and blessing have to do with one another?  Come enjoy rich fellowship, anointed messianic worship and Torah service.  Come and experience the "Kavod" of God!

After the Shabbat service join us for our "oneg" fellowship time!  This week we will have a potluck so bring something to share!  Are you into themes...if so, let's do Italian this week.

Havdalah (the closing of the Shabbat) has been a wonderful time of fellowship hosted once a month in different homes.  This month Lynne McDowell will be our hostess.  She will let everyone know what Saturday night we will gather for food, fellowship, the Havdalah service and worship.  This is a time where we can minister to one another, share whatever the Lord is speaking and practice the spiritual gifts in a safe family atmosphere.  Please join us.

We congratulate Tom & Mary Westendorf who will be celebrating 45 years of marriage this Saturday.  Also, Millie will be celebrating her birthday on the 11th...we won't tell you how old she will be 8-)
If there is anyone else with a birthday in February, please let us know!

Millie is doing some research and gathering information for a tour/outreach to Israel either towards the later part of this year or the beginning of next year.  We know it seems far away but if you are interested in going please let Millie know and begin saving your $!

That's it!  See you on Shabbat!