Shabbat October 8, 2016


We are in the midst of the 10 days of awe between Yom Teruah (Rosh HaShana) and Yom Kippur. It is a most special time (Moadim or appointed times) as we focus on repentance, re-gathering, and the return of Yeshua Ha Massiach! Last Sunday we had a wonderful time celebrating Yom Teruah (Day of blowing of trumpets) as we heard the sound of the shofar awakening the bride to the soon return of the bridegroom. We have been in a season of asking God to show us our hearts, and inviting His spirit to heal, cleanse, and bring us back to our first love. Many of us have been meeting together daily, interceding for our city, nation, and Israel, as we look toward to Yom Kippur, the most holy day of the Hebrew calendar when our sins are forgiven, and our names are written in The Lambs Book Of Life!
Join us this Shabbat, as we learn about Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), and focus on the great High Priest, Yeshua, and His incredible sacrifice for us! This is not an ordinary time for our nation and God's kingdom as we see His plans unfolding so clearly. I want to encourage all of you to "not forsake our own assembling together ... as you see the day drawing near", the writer of Hebrews admonishes, and come out and join with Mishpacha during this special season!
We will begin our service at 10:30am, and we will have a potluck Oneg following our service. Bring a dish and enjoy the fellowship.

Also, please join us on Tuesday, October 11, 7pm, as we observe a special Yom Kippur service (Kol Nidre). It will be a solemn time of corporate repentance and breaking of vows, as we enter into the fast. If you have never experienced this "appointed time of The Lord" come join us!
Chag Sameach!
Stewart and Millie