Shabbat, January 30th

Mishpocha, We are fully expectant this Shabbat Saturday, January 30th!  We will gather at 10:30 a.m.  Pastor Stew will begin a series of messages on how to live as Citizens of the Kingdom of God!  It is a radical challenge to the way many believers are living!  Everything in our world today screams "Do whatever you want...truth is whatever YOU want it to be." Our GREAT KING YESHUA shows us another way to live?  Enjoy a rich Torah Service, anointed messianic worship and wonderful fellowship as we celebrate and honor the Shabbat together. Join us at Gateway on Mt Zion, 166 S Lookout Mtn Rd, Golden CO 80401.
Oneg will follow service. Bring something yummy to share!
Shabbat Shalom everyone!